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Welcome To Banner Communications

Stay Connected Through Our High-Quality Communication Devices

Two-way communication devices make it easy to hold conversations without the need for cellular reception. At Banner Communications, we offer a wide range of devices that is designed to allow you to communicate back and forth to other users. They can be used in both personal and commercial applications.

Get the Consistency You Need From a Trunked Radio

A trunking radio system makes more efficient use of available radio channels by allowing you to use any channel on the system so you can tune in to the clearest results possible. As you expand your system, you simultaneously expand the number of channels that are available to each user.
These types of systems are capable of intelligently assigning available channels to each radio user requesting to speak, and simultaneously direct the rest of the fleet to that channel. This way, everyone can hear what's being said without interruption.
The results are less congestion, more throughput, and far fewer "busy" conditions than you'd experience with a conventional "shared" repeater.
Another benefit of a trunking radio system from Banner Communications is that they offer you a higher degree of privacy. It's much more difficult to follow and listen to a conversation that moves from channel to channel.
Finally, our UHF trunking technology can be combined with the technologies available in today's modern LTR radios to make use of a wide variety of advanced features, including:
  • Individual unit ID
  • Private call
  • Inter-fleet call
  • GPS and messaging
  • Multi-site networking
  • VOIP

Explore Different Form Factors to Suit Your Needs

Mobile two-way communication devices are small and typically mounted onto dashboards, while portable handheld units are small enough to easily fit right in the palm of your hand. These units are much more rugged and reliable than the cellular units you might find on other push-to-talk systems. Call Banner Communications at 530-273-0070 for details.

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